The research library has extensive reference material relating to the history of Greene County and to the many families who have resided in the county over the past 200+ years. The following lists are available for viewing on the site: Surnames of Genealogical Files, General Reference Books, Reference Material on Microfilm/Microfiche, and Reference Material on CDs. Just click on the applicable file and you will see a list of what is available.

Over 1500 genealogical files have been scanned and the surnames of those files are contained in the document Surnames of Genealogical Files.  The information for a surname can be provided on a DVD to those doing research for a small fee that covers the cost of materials and shipping and handling.

Additional surname dvd or flash drive .  Review the list of names available and contact the Society office to make arrangements to get the files you desire.  If you do not see a specific surname on the list, please contact the Society office as there is miscellaneous information available on many family names that are too numerous to list.

We will be happy to get your started.  Basic research by a staffer will be $20. Additional charges may be assessed for more detailed research.

Genealogy Reference Books
Reference Material on Microfilm and Microfiche
Reference Material on CDs
Surnames Of Genealogical Files
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